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Shoes & Clothes Clearance

If you are looking for a good deal check our latest Online sale. You will find there the latest styles at affordable prices. Take even 50% off price your favorite clothes, shoes and accessories.


Complete skateboards - set ups ready for ride. Waste no time and browse our great range of Skateboard Completes. Completes are ideal for your first skateboard.


Now is a good moment to check our backpack section. We are after several deliveries. You will find there new models - brands like; VANS, DIAMANTE, DAKINE...

Shoes -30%

All shoes -30%. Only till end of January. With beginning of February only older models will stay on sale. Price visible on site are already discounted. We need only 24h to send parcel.

New caps - Headwear section.

Time to think about cap? You are just one click from them. There is a huge section of headwear in our skateshop. Just check it and you will find many models in great prices.

Shoes - almost 1000 pairs

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes you need to check our skateshop. We have almost 1000 pairs and we can send them in same day.

German skateshop and new currency

Now our skateshop is available in another language - German. Translation is still in progress so for sure you will encounter few errors. We still working on it. Translation for more than 7000 products is much harder than we was thinking... Many of you was asking us about currency in Pounds. It will be done on days.

Pants - more than 600 of them

Long, short, baggy, lose, Boardshorts, Cords, Track pants, for girls and for guys - we have them all.

Nike shoes

Many new models and many discounted. Check them all. All of them are available and we can send them direct to your door.

Snowboard and accessories -50% off

Now you can buy snowboard with all accessories and clothes cheaper than ever. Check it out.

Vans shoes - new collection

New collection of Vans shoes available. Check it.

Blessed Brothers - new brand in our store

Great quality and super price. Check hoodies, sox and t-shirts from Blessed Brothers.

Huge discount in shoe section

Vans, Etnies, Nike, Supra, Adidas -50%

New collection from ECKO

Now available. Check it.

Another brand - Alpinestars

We received some questions about Alpinestars. Now Alpinestars brand is available in our store.


We have a new brand in our shop - Famous. All famous Tshirts are presented on our new model. Martinez is a drummer in Ukeje - Polish music project - winners of Voice of Poland contest.

Check new ultra light shoes from vans

New LXVI collection form Vans. Now in our store.

Etnies shoes - new models

New collection already available.

Looking for wallet?

Over 100 available wallets. Dakine, Burton, DC, Volcom, Vans and many more.

New models in Longboarsds and criusers section

Some new longboards and cruisers. Great graphics and quality. Check them!

Alpinestars - headwear

Just another brand in our store. Check hot caps from alpinestar.

The One

New brand in our shop - The One. T-shirts and hoodies made of good cotton. All of them in good price.

New arrivals - decks Plan B

New decks from Plan B. Promodels - Ladd, Sheckler, Rodriguez, Pudwill. Check them all.

Looking for shoes?

Buy them now. Whole collections - Etnies, Vans, Emerica, DC and more - now in new better price.

Warm headwear and caps

More than 600 products in headwear section. If you are looking for headwear you need to check our HW section.

New arrivals from ECKO

Models inspired by MMA and Batman movie. Check graphics.

Various gadgets

We just added some gadgets - speakers, headsets...

CHEAP Winter Jackets

We just received another dope drop from RYdel House - winter jackets, all in very low price.

FEMI - hot stuf in girs section

Hey girls! Today we presents few new sweatshirt in girls section. I almost forgot ... We have a beautiful new model.

New brand - PANORAMA

Another brand in store. Check winter caps from PANORAMA brand.

It's a good time to buy new pants

Some great new arrivals in pants section. C1rca, SSG, Mass, Rydel and many more. Straight, baggy, regular, slim and loose fit.

Skateboard decks

Now almost 300 decks in stock. All with free grip and fast delivery.

C1rca - newest models

All the latest from the latest C1rca collection now in stock: Drifter, Fix, Stroke, Valeo, Sahara, Rurker, Unim, Emory... check them all.

STARTER - again available

Just arrived, a shipment of Starter caps.

VULGAR - new brand in our store

Are you looking for something new? Great. Check new brand - Vulgar. It's fresh, it's in great quality and it's in good prices.

snowboard glowes

Waterproof, fast drying, breathable, warm and elastic. More than 30 pairs - check them all.

Winter Jackets

Ready for a winter? Next portion of winter jackets is now available in our store.

Hi skateboarders! New trucks.

New great trucks for skateboard enthusiasts. Just check skateboard section. Almost 40 new models.

Hot stuff in pants section

Looking for a new pants? Check our pants section. Many new models in really good price. Hurry. Buy them before others. There is only few pcs per size.

Warm headwear vs cold winter.

Nice and warm winter caps are now available in girls section. Now on real models.

Womens section - hot content.

Did you saw new arrivals in girls section? Check sweatshirts - Roxy, Femi, Quiksilver.

Outlet section now available

Check a new section on in our store. Outlet is a place where you can find products from previous collections. All of them are more than 50% discounted.

Winter is just behind the corner - buy winter jacket

We just received some great new winter jackets from NIKE, DC, VANS and DGK. You can find them under the link above. They are warm and build with great quality. If you are looking for a snowboard jacket with technical features for added performance please check snowboard jackets section.

Montana Cans

We just received some dope cans from Montana. NITRO 2G COLORS, MEGA, MAXIMO i 94 are now available in huge colors palette and many sizes.

New goods from DC

New arrivals from DC. Great looking and built quality. Click link above to check them all.

Colorfull headphonesAERIAL7

More Aerial7 available! Visit headphones section in our online store to view all items.

Winter jackets - SALE

Winter jackets SALE. Buy now with discount 20-40%.

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