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About our skateshop

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In the beginning was the word and the word was Andegrand. That is how in 1994 some customers read the sign located on our door - "underground".

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A small dot in the center of Szczecin quickly grown into a symbol and has become a Mecca for fans of rap music and skateboard. Hanging above the entrance sign "underground" has changed to "Andegrand". Demand for equipment and clothes grew with each passing day. Shop was growing and we need to take another (and another) room in the basement, which housed the store. We supported more and more events.
Andegrand joined the team Artur Kaczor Wojtania - one of the first skater in Poland. At one point, shop area had more than 600m2 on several floors, with several separate entrances. We supported and developed more and more faster and faster. Our commitment has been rewarded many times. In 2008, the On and we were recognized as the best specialist shop.. Some time later, DC has honored us with ""My DC Crew" but you know ... enjoy the most simple things. :). We wanted to be the best and the greatest. Every event we organized was better than the previous one. In order to meet the needs of the entire range of enlarging the time.

We wanted to somehow connect with the whole Polish people who share a common passion. With growing then came with us online. So was - mega portal associated with skateboarding and music, and the Internet equivalent of a stationary store - shop

In 2012, we decided to get out of the basement and left the basement. Currently, we big stationary point, where you can visit us.


Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego 24
70-302 Szczecin
tel:(+48) 91 4851246

godziny otwarcia:
poniedziałek-piątek: 10:00 - 18:00
sobota 10:00 - 15:00

Polubcie to, a będzie nam miło.

skype: skate-europe

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